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We accept your company’s press release in form of plain word text (no formatting). Kindly provide your high resolution picture(s) should you have any, together with its proper caption and copyright information. We will consider to place them on the proper section. We don’t accept press release in HTML format.

Our media section that facilitates your press release display such as products, technology, hardware and software that’s related to Industry 4.0. Kindly email us your press release in English to [email protected], and we will translate them into Bahasa Indonesia, free of charge.

Compatibility requirements

We would also select well-written articles to be added into our e-book. Your company credits and copyrights remain reserved.

If your business focus on machinery and tools, we have sections that may interest you, such as Metal working machinery, Wood working machinery, Plastics processing and rubber machinery, Packaging machinery, Machines and plants for waste disposal and recycling, Textile machinery, Food machinery, Printing machinery, Agricultural machinery, Construction machinery and plants, Energy & engines: power generators, engines, turbines, boilers, Machinery and plants for process engineering, Other machinery and equipment, Machinery for mechanical handling, storage equipment, Fork-lift trucks-lifts and crane, Compressed air technology, Medical equipment, General inventory, Spare parts, Electrical parts, Surplus goods, Raw materials, and Commercial vehicles. 

Please take note that in this regular press release we will not display your company address and contact information. Should you interested to secure such service, we can employ them with a 60 seconds video for Euro 999 charge. Payment must be completed before content is published.


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