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mmINDUSTRI.co.id is the first Indonesian online media that specializes in manufacturing and business sector. Our mission is to connect and assist all of the related sectors and personnel (including hardware & software) towards Indonesia’s and ASEAN’s Industry 4.0 future. Making ready for the Indonesia 4.0 era, local industry personnel need your support in providing almost 90 percent of machinery and manufacturing tools that are produced from foreign countries. We made it easier for readers to get relevant information by indexing latest news and technical articles.

Our editorial contents relate to your growing business are as follows:

Industrialisasi (Infrastructure & Construction,  Digital & Software, Engineering & Robot Automation Innovation, Sensor & Control, Production System,  Information Technology)

Management & Safety (Human Development, Management System, Safety)

Energi (Distribution, Renewable Sources, Storage, Supporting)

Tambang (Mining Equipment, Management, Technology)

Agri-Forest Tech (Bio Technology, Mechanization, Harvest, Business)

Water&Sea Tech (Green & Waste Management, Industrial Process, Maritime, Technical Infrastructure)

Packaging (Bottling Technology, Packaging & Food Processing, Raw Material)

MICE (Meeting, Inspirations, Connvention, Exhibition, Agenda, Top news, Hotel & Flight)

Logistics (Cargo, Warehouse, Transportation)

AutoTech   (Engineering, Electrical Technology, Materials,  Maintenance & Supporting)

Pipe&Tube (Construction process, Methods, Production machinery, Processing equipment,Testing & Quality controll  and the latest technology news and related raw materials that are related to various pipe and tube that are being used in industrial sector)

Potensi Daerah (District Business Oppurtunity, exploring various business opportunities around Indonesia’s vast provinces and cities)

Bilateral (Focusing on trade relationships between Indonesia and various world countries)

ASEAN (Focusing on ASEAN’s economics development and business growth)

News (Business & Science)

Up Coming Event A calendar about various machinery and technology exhibitions in Indonesia, ASEAN, ASIA, and other countries that are related to Indonesia especially. Supporting business such as hotel promotions, airlines and EO are more than welcome here to discuss partnership in any forms!

We also have a newest feature which is Export&Import section to better facilitate global commerce between Indonesia and ASEAN as well as the entire of the world.

We are able to provide tailored digital solution for you such as B2B, Landing page, video, various type of banners, and advertorial & inspiration section.

The editorial content of our media is always adjusted to match various machine and technology exhibitions or conventions in Indonesia major cities, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makasar, and ASEAN capitals. For any company who are participating such exhibition, feel free to send us press release or schedule for an exclusive interview with our journalist. If you decide to make a digital campaign through our media intensively, we are here to assist you too.

Connect your business with Indonesia and ASEAN industrial sectors. We facilitate business firms/individuals in reaching diverse Indonesian market at any given time, in contrast you may only have 3-4 days per year for conventional offline exhibition.

You can easily choose your campaign duration and your own preference supported by our slideshows display, videos, 3D pictures.

Use INDONESIA ONLINE EXPO (IOE)  as your online campaign spearhead, we focus to sell your products/services, especially in Indonesia and ASEAN market.

We mainly use Bahasa Indonesia for almost all of our website content, but rest assure, there are also some sections that use English to reach wider audience and better traffic.

Thank you for your consideration. We are more than honored to have you with us.

For companies who would like to use our service in promoting their product and/or services, the deadline for material hand over is 2 weeks in advance. Should you need one, translation fee from English to Bahasa Indonesia material is free of charge as a sign of our good will for your company. If you need video content translation, further discussion is needed.

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