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Empowering the developing technology and manufacturing industry

With such as mission, we offer your company to get benefits as follow:

  • To facilitate and become the biggest Asia’s online forum for machinery makers from any industry and technology supported by over 48,000 industrialists in Indonesia.
  • To facilitate and gather the overseas companies which plan to expand their business in Indonesia.
  • To facilitate and become the bridge between overseas industry associations with more than 40 Indonesia’s industry associations.
  • To assist the overseas companies which plan to do any industry seminar or business gathering involving the industry players in Indonesia.
  • To assist the overseas companies which plans to do a press conference with the Indonesian journalists.
  • To assist the overseas investors which plan to find the regional area (Potensi Daerah) for their business investment or establish any factory in promising investment area around of Indonesia.
  • To become the credible and reliable media partner for companies and other organizations within our area of expertise.
  • We are here to assist you in whenever you join a fair/exhibition in Indonesia.
  • We are also able to assist you in translating, editing, layout and printing your brochures, catalog, leaflet, or books in Bahasa Indonesia.

What kind of the information is needed by the Indonesian industry sector?

If your company are machinery makers or conducting business in are such as:

  • Metal Working Machinery
  • Wood Working Machinery
  • Plastics Processing and Rubber Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Wire Machinery
  • Tube Fabrication Machinery
  • Machines and Plants for Waste Disposal and Recycling
  • Textile Machinery
  • Food Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Construction, Machinery and Plants
  • Energy and Engines: Power Generators, Engines, Turbines, Boilers
  • Electric and Electronic Machinery
  • Automotive Machinery
  • Machinery and Plants for Process Engineering
  • Other Machinery and Equipment
  • Machinery for Mechanical Handling, Storage Equipment
  • Rail bound Vehicles, Ships and Aircrafts
  • Heavy Equipment Machinery
  • Mining Machinery
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Machinery
  • Green Machine
  • Machinery Management and Logistics
  • Machinery Transport, and General Inventory
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automation and Automobile
  • Management and IT
  • Logistics and Warehouse
  • Energy and Mining
  • Mining ERP Software
  • Industrial Machinery & Components/Industry Software
  • CAD/CAM software machinery
  • Industrial Machinery Software/Enterprise ERP Solutions
  • Industrial energy management software
  • Construction Project Management Software
  • Farm Management Software and Software Plantation
  • Heavy equipment management software
  • Electrical engineering software
  • Mechanical engineering software

Why do you need mmINDUSTRI?

mmINDUSTRI provides information related to new inventions on machine/manufacturing tools and new technology/innovation, so that Indonesian industrialists and shareholders are able to get informed and well-equipped. Editorial content of mmINDUSTRI is 60% technical and 40% general topics.

mmINDUSTRI also provides information about business opportunities and investment on various regions in Indonesia.

mmINDUSTRI gives coverage about manufacturing exhibitions/events in Indonesia/ASEAN/ASIA/Australia/EUROPE – complete with the schedule, time and data of the events. Web visitors can also obtain the map of the location, so that they can get well-informed about the hotel, restaurant, transportation means, et cetera related to the manufacturing events being held at its host country.

mmINDUSTRI is open to do partnership and cooperation with various national intitutions such as the Ministry of Industrial and Trade, Ministry of Research and Technology, universities/institutes and other institutions who consistently developing technology.

mmINDUSTRI will provide coverage about new inventions and innovation done by Indonesian researchers and business alike.

For manufacturing companies who have concern in developing Human Resources, they can use mmINDUSTRI to obtain the information and the knowledge they needed.

mmINDUSTRI facilitates machine producers and its users, as well as to guide the national industrial development that takes the business concept and investment in consideration.

Editorial contents:

News, applications, solutions, tools, companies and products

The International online platform for used machines

Know-how for decision-makers in management, production, automation and design engineering

The up-to-date info channel for decision-makers in the industry

The job exchange for specialist and managers in the manufacturing industry

The industry expert for logistics and distribution

All about topic – basics, case studies, checklist, tip and tricks

The information system for buyers, design engineers and production managers

The media network for international markets


We mainly use Bahasa Indonesia for almost of our website content, but rest assure, there are also some sections that use English to reach wider audience.

With total population over 250 million people and considering the economic growth which will directly impact society’s purchase capacity, the Indonesia’s industrialists are Improving products quality that match the more critical and more advance people from time in time.

Some easy steps to advertise with us:

  1. Choose size/position/price or banner.
  2. Fill the Advertisement Form – Click here to download and submit the Advertisement Form to:
    [email protected] or [email protected]
  3. Pay your advertisement via bank transfer to:
    Bank name: BNI
    Branch: Gatot Subroto
    Account number: 0234 637 078
    Swift code/sort code: BNINIDJA
  4. Send your JPEG or PDF or HTML transfer receipt to:
    [email protected] or [email protected]


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Main Office of Editorial and Sales:

Kemang Swatama H-12, Kalibaru, Depok 16414,
Phone: +62 21 770 1499 | Fax: + 62 21 770 1499
Email: [email protected][email protected]

If you are interested to be our sales representative, kindly send us your business concept, your sales target, and commision fee you expected. Upon reviewing your request, PT MEDIA MANUFAKTUR INDONESIA (management and creator of  will appoint or decline you as sales representative with legally-binded letter protected by the Republic of Indonesia law.

PT MEDIA MANUFAKTUR INDONESIA does not have any local/foreign affiliations or any representatives except those within the procedure. PT MEDIA MANUFAKTUR INDONESIA and its logo is legally protected under the Republic of Indonesia law, SIUP: 517/129/PM/B/BPPTPM/IX/2011
Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan HAM Republik Indonesia Nomor: AHU-38099.AH.01.02.Tahun 2012.

We help to sell your products/services

PER MONTH RATE (Plus 10 percent tax):

Pos Size Rate
Top 1 728×90 px €1260,00
Top 2 468×60 px €1060,00
Center 1 468×60 px €760,00
Center 2 468×60 px €680,00
Center 3 468×60 px €580,00
Right 1 300×250 px €1060,00
Right 2 300×250 px €960,00
Right 3 300×100 px €660,00
Right 4 300×100 px €580,00
Side 1 160×600 px €1360,00
Side 2 160×100 px €780,00
Side 3 160×100 px €680,00
Side 4 160×100 px €560,00
Bottom 1 728×90 px €1160,00
B2B 5000 Character plus 3 pictures €2660,00
Advertorial 4000 Character plus 2 pictures €2560,00
Inspiration 4000 Character plus 2 pictures €2560,00
Online expo 600 Character plus 1 picture €660,00
Newsletter banner 468×60 px €1160,00
Sponsorship Company name/website €1660,00
White papers 7000 Character plus 4 pictures €7660,00
Video 1 minute €2160,00
Video 2 minute €3860,00
Video 3 minute €4860,00
Video 4 minute €5860,00

Business-to-Business (B2B) is a paid article with maximum 5000 characters plus 3 pictures about your business. If you are a machine or industrial tools producer with main goal is to sell them, then this is a recommended section for you.

Advertorial is a paid article with maximum 4000 characters plus 2 pictures that describes the benefits of your product and/or service for other business.

Inspiration is a paid article with maximum 4000 characters plus 2 pictures that have main goal to inspire other business to develop their business or to motivate other business to create strategic partnership with you (or with your service/assistance).

Online expo is a paid time-based feature that displays your company logo with address and websites (or hyperlinks).

Sponsorship is a special paid article that have your company name and your website/contact at the end of the article

Newsletter banner is a paid banner that’s being upload on News Letter  section which every member of mmINDUSTRI received every time there’s new article.

White papers is paid article that describes more details about your company services (sales and marketing), such as solution, technology, software, even methods to enhance your potential client company. White paper gives you an all-in-one campaign effectiveness.

Video is a paid graphic display about your company with has maximum 4 minutes duration. English language and/or Bahasa Indonesia videos are welcomed to reach better and wider audience.

Our banner position, rate and size:

Monthly report of your online campaign will be provided



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