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SOEs Urged to Accelerate Ddevelopment of Kuala Tanjung Industrial Park

The IMIP complex focuses on nickel smelting and nickel-content stainless steel production. The government has urged state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to...

Sep 22 · 58 sec read >

Stop Talking Politics, Start Investing: Jokowi to Businesspeople

The government will also increase village funds to Rp60 trillion (US$4.49 billion) next year from Rp20 trillion. President Joko...

Sep 5 · 51 sec read >

Government to Spend Rp404 t on Infrastructure Projects in 2018

Next year, the government plans to allocate Rp404 trillion (US$30.23 billion) for infrastructure development, according to the draft state...

Aug 18 · 55 sec read >

Private Investors Called on to Help Supply Electricity to Villages

Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Minister Eko Putro Sandjojo stated that around 13,000 unelectrified villages across the archipelago needed...

Jul 24 · 59 sec read >