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To facilitate between our readers and machinery makers even merchants around the world

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We will answer your questions, but please take note that our company is online media not a merchant or reseller, so we do not own or sell any machine or technology. Our service is sharing the information via our web mmINDUSTRI. We often display machinery pictures which we retrieve first-hand from any exhibition we attended. This section is to facilitate between our readers (industry players) and machinery makers, even merchants around the world that are planning to expand their business to Indonesia and ASEAN. Should you have any questions regarding to any pictures you saw, please fill-in the form, and we will forward it to the related company.

Showcase machine or industry tools pictures that you want to sell.

One picture for Euro 110 per month
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We also have more complex channel that may interest you, called INDONESIA ONLINE EXPO. It provides online showcase services: 2 pictures and 200 words character for Euro 619 per month.

Machinery Gallery Pic

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