Booming Indonesian Business

Booming Indonesian business owners, no matter how small or big is yearning further information about your business!

I salute your company’s participation during the exhibition that took place in Indonesia recently. As business owners or executives in a foreign company, you’re hoping to reach a broader and more effective Indonesian audience, including the ones that didn’t attend the exhibition you participate in.

Many Indonesian business owners or executives are eager for the opportunities to be your official representatives, partners, and some even want to resell your products (machines) and the technology you promoted. Through our media, you have the best opportunity to build business networking with Indonesian companies and industries.

There are multiple forms that you can choose based on your marketing strategies, such as advertorials, online expo, video, media banner (please check our Media kits), or any other means that you may have in mind, kindly let us know. We will do our best to facilitate you within our niche (business-manufacturing-technology-innovation) so that you can achieve your business goals effectively especially in Indonesia and the ASEAN region.

Our media Media will effectively convey your companies message since thorough and effective information is very crucial for every manufacturing company and business owners or executive.

You are also invited to check our newest features Indonesia Online Expo.

A minimal one-month online subscription definitely will be much efficient and effective compared to offline exhibitions that usually only last for 3-4 days and have limited audience reach.

You can easily manage your promotion campaign either via your smartphone, tablet, laptop/PC, at your own convenience where ever you are based in the world. will effectively to grow your business in Indonesia and ASEAN region.

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Indonesia Online Expo


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