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Making ready for the Indonesia 4.0, local industry players need your support in providing almost  90 percent of machinery and manufacturing tools that are produced from foreign countries. We made it easier for readers to get relevant information by indexing latest news and technical articles.

Our editorial contents relate to your growing  business as follow:

Industrial system, Innovation & Automation, Digital & Software, Engineering & Robot, Green Business, Information Technology, Energy,  Mining, Logistics, Packaging, Water & Sea Tech, Management & Safety, Business Oppurtunity, Bilateral, ASEAN Economy, English News, Pipe & Tube, MICE, and Up coming event review. 

We also provide tailored digital solution for you such as B2B, Landing page, various type of banners, and advertorial & inspiration section.

Connects your business to Indonesia and ASEAN industry sectors. We facilitate business firms/individuals in reaching diverse Indonesian market at any given time, in contrast you may only have 3-4 days per year for conventional offline exhibition.

 Promote your products/services efficiently and effectively. You can easily choose your campaign duration and your own preference supported by our slideshows display, videos, 3D pictures that match the Industy 4.0 era.

Use INDONESIA ONLINE EXPO (IOE)  and China Indonesia Online Expo (ChInopleX) as your online campaign spearhead, we focus to sell your products/services, especially in Indonesia and ASEAN market.                          

We mainly use Bahasa Indonesia for almost of our website content, but rest assure, there are also some sections that use English to reach wider audience.

Main Office of Editorial and Sales:

Management and owner of
Established: October 2013
SIUP: 517/129/PM/B/BPPTPM/IX/2011
Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan HAM Republik Indonesia Nomor: AHU-38099.AH.01.02.Tahun 2012
Founder/Pendiri: Rayendra L. Toruan
Secretary: M. Theresia Ginalty
Editor-in-Chief: Denis Stanislaus
Business Manager: Aguinaldo L. Toruan
IT & Development Manager: Emilezola Dwirangga Boromeus

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Kalibaru, Depok 16414,
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BNI Cabang Gatot Subroto, Jakarta
Account number: 0234 637 078
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Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan HAM Republik Indonesia Nomor: AHU-38099.AH.01.02.Tahun 2012.

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