The Growth of Indonesia’s Manufacturing Industry Projected Grow 6,6 percent


Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS, Central Statistic Agency) recorded that the growth of big and medium-scale manufacturing industry during the third quarter of 2011 has increased to 5.6 percent year on year (yoy), according to reporting.

For the last three years, there has been an increasing growth of big and medium-scale during the third quarter. On third quarter 2010, the growth of big and medium-scale manufacturing industry increased to 3.67 percent from third quarter 2009, while third quarter 2009 itself was increased 0.09  percent from third quarter 2008, according to Deputy of BPS Production division, Sihar Lumban Tobing on Jakarta recently.

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Types of industries inclined during the third quarter 2011 from third quarter 2010 are:

  1. Vehicles (29.76 percent)
  2. Chemistry and its derivatives (19.77 percent)
  3. Metals (14,9 percent)
  4. Tobacco production (11.7 percent)
  5. Kulit dan barang dari kulit dan alas kaki naik 11.26 percent
  6. Mining products and non-metals (10.56 percent)
  7. Textile (9.25 percent)
  8. Electrical machinery and its equipments (8.98percent)
  9. Radio, Television and other communication equipments (7.81 percent)
  10. Food and Beverages (7.73 percent)
  11. Furniture and other production (5,48 percent)
  12. Garment (5.34 percent)
  13. Metal goods except machines and its quipments (3.5 percent)
  14. Two wheels and others, except four wheels or more vehicles(1.4 percent).

Types of production that declined on third quarter 2011 compared to third quarter 2010 are:

  1. Rubber and rubber goods and plastic goods (12.06 percent)
  2. Machine and its equipments (10.82 percent)
  3. Woods and wooden goods (5.65 percent)
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Production, printing and record media reproduction (1.53 percent).


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