Microsoft Expects New Product will Maintain Edge in RI Data Server Market


Microsoft Indonesia, a part of software giant Microsoft Corp., expects to maintain its leadership in Indonesia’s data server market following the introduction of its Windows Server 2012 in Jakarta recently.

Andreas Diantoro, President Director at Microsoft Indonesia 

The president director of Microsoft Indonesia, Andreas Diantoro, said he hoped Server 2012, which offered more advanced server and storage virtualization features, would be able to further strengthen the company’s position in Indonesia’s data server market.

As of July, Microsoft’s share of the server operating system market in Indonesia reached 87 percent, according to Andreas. He expected the share to further increase after the launch of Server 2012.


Meanwhile, the Microsoft Corp. corporate vice president of the servers and tools division, Takeshi Numoto, said that sales of the company’s servers and tools continued to record double digit year-on-year growth. “So, we feel like we are on the right track,” he said during the launch of the new server in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Research from the International Data Company (IDC) shows that globally, Microsoft Windows server demand was up 0.3 percent in the second quarter from the same period last year, with quarterly server hardware revenues totaling US$6 billion, representing 47.9 percent of overall quarterly factory revenues.

Numoto said the new server, which was introduced in the United States on Sept. 4, four years after the launch of Windows Server 2008 R2 and two decades after the release of Windows NT, would be able to accommodate the growing need for data management and storage.

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“People are using more and more devices, from smartphones to tablets. There are also more applications right now than a few years ago. The combination of devices and applications generates a lot of data,” he said.

That fact, he added, led to higher needs on the part of data provider companies for scalable computing to support all the connected devices and continuous services as the trend would continue for two to three years.

“For example, Microsoft runs over 200 internet-scale services, from MSN to Bing. Bing gets over 5.5 billion queries per month and has already fully deployed Windows Server 2012,” Numoto said.

Microsoft offers two versions of the new product — Windows Server 2012 Azure, the cloud computing-based operating system, and Windows Server 2012, the offline system.

The launch of Azure represents Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to cash in on the cloud computing trend. Cloud computing enables people to store and access data on virtual, Internet-based drives regardless of their physical location. (tas, The Jakarta Post)


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